Platforms to help you explain your projects and services in Japan

It is difficult to introduce their services on their domain.
It is difficult to make your services known to many users due to SEO issues.

When making the service known in Japan, it is preferable to establish a local agency to promote the service.

There are several web media that Japanese people frequently view.

For example, [X], [YouTube], [note公式|note].
I will describe each of them.

Recommended services to advertise your services to the Japanese


X (Twitter) is a popular social networking service in Japan.

This media is preferred by those who seek novel information and those who like new things.

Many people often watch X while watching TV or eating.

X has a translation function, but I tend to avoid reading posts that are written in anything other than Japanese.

If you can, you can promote your services to more Japanese people by creating a Japan-oriented account and making sure to post in Japanese.


YouTube is a popular platform in Japan.
Many people watch it more to pass the time than to gather information.

YouTube, like X, does not earn views for videos that are spoken in anything other than Japanese.

Since it is difficult to make videos in Japanese, we recommend hiring Japanese-speaking staff.


▼About 【note】 (Please translate to read)▼
noteへようこそ! noteは、クリエイターが文章や画像、音声、動画を投稿して、ユーザーがそのコンテンツを楽しんで応援できるメディアプラットフォームです。だれもが創作を楽しんで続けられるよう、安心できる雰囲気や、多様性を大切にしています。...

This service is not very familiar outside of Japan.

【note】 is a media platform where creators can post text, images, audio, and video, and users can enjoy and support their content.

This service is for creators, but companies also use it to explain their services and write columns.

Japanese influencers with a large number of followers on X often publish their own articles and disseminate information in 【note】.

It is also easily integrated with other social media, making it a familiar platform for the Japanese.

We also recommend that you publish content alongside your own domain, as this domain is easy to rank highly in SEO in Japan.

How to find staff who can read and write Japanese and English

I am not good at English. I am also writing this article while translating it at DeepL.

To find staff who can read and write both English and Japanese to promote your services in Japan, you can find them at X and elsewhere.

If you pay them in US dollars, they will gladly take the job.

How to pay Japanese

Most Japanese people do not have bank accounts other than in Japanese yen.
You can check once, but you probably don’t have it.

When remuneration is converted into Japanese yen and transferred to the bank

When remuneration in dollars is transferred in Japanese yen, the company must prepare Japanese yen for the transfer.

Since it is a hassle to exchange money into Japanese yen every month and transfer the money, use a service that will exchange money at the same time you send the money.

The recommended service is [Wise].
Wise is an international financial service.

If you register the account to which you want to send money in your Wise account, you can exchange your currency into Japanese yen, whether it is dollars or euros, and send the money.

The recipient only needs a bank account to receive funds and does not need to have a Wise account.

Paying Rewards in Cryptocurrency

If agreed upon with the employee, paying in cryptocurrency is also a good idea.

However, stable coins such as USDT and USDC are not currently authorized in Japan, and it is recommended that payments be made in BTC or EHT.

Most Japanese do not have a wallet for crypto assets and will probably send money to an exchange.
Most cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan accept BTC and ETH.

We will test remittances in small amounts, and if successful, we may consider paying in cryptocurrency.

Summary of How to Promote Your Services in Japan

It is difficult to promote services outside Japan to Japanese people.

Many people watch YouTube for entertainment, and it is better to expand awareness by placing YouTube ads than to communicate something in a video.

[X] and [note] are used by some people who actively come to get information and others who use them to pass the time.

Both are more likely to be read by Japanese if written in Japanese rather than English.

To find Japanese staff who can read and write both English and Japanese, we recommend that you recruit them through X or other means.

We recommend that you recruit in English to find Japanese staff who can understand English.

Payment of compensation is,
・Direct transfer from Wise to your Japanese Yen account (automatic currency exchange)
・Remittance in cryptocurrency
is smooth and recommended.

If you pay in cryptocurrency, having it received at a crypto asset exchange will allow for a smooth transfer of funds with fewer problems.


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